The 1960 TG500 “Tiger“

The war is over. Germany surrendered. Like all Reich aircraft manufacturers, Willy Messerschmitt is asked to put its wings away. The manufacturer thus launches the production of diverse and varied objects ranging from prefabricated houses to sewing machines. In the early 50s , the designer Fritz Fend has an idea : Turn Messerchmitt’s cockpits previously manufactured for the Luftwaffe into a small car. The narrow and elongated cabin allows for two riders. The wheel count is three. The KR 175 ( for Kabinenroller ) is presented at the Geneva Motor Show in 1953. Four years later, Fend improves his tricycle vehicle by granting it a fourth wheel. The TG500 Tiger is marketed in 1958 at the steep price of 3650 marks. Too expensive, the micro-car brings the commercial success of the company to a halt. Production ceases in 1964.
Of the 320 copies then in circulation, only a hundred are thought to remain today. An auction house specializing in old timer, RM auctions will put this very version up for a bid on November 21 at Sotheby's in New York. The TG500 1960, whose color combination of yellow and black, faithful to the original model, is certified to be unique by the auction house.

DADI Daily
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